Key Features

  • Scottish Country House
  • 1 x 45kW Global Energy Systems Air Source Heat Pump
  • Bivalent heating system
  • Annualised costs estimate £4160
  • Savings estimate v’s oil £3840

This large, Scottish, country house was spending £8000 a year on oil. The owner wanted to both reduce the bill and remove their exposure to the price of oil rising in the future, a particular risk in rural areas where winter prices often spike.

The heating system has been designed to use a 45kW unit. The oil boiler has also been retained and integrated in to the system to offer additional output in extreme weather. This has created a bivalent heating system managed by Global Energy Systems’ own software.

This balance of heat provision has almost cut the running bill in half. There were upgrades to the radiator system to ensure efficient running with a heat pump, but this was done with minimal disruption. The heat pump provides the full heating requirement of the property for the vast proportion of the year with the oil boiler being used on extremely cold winter days.