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Air source heat pumps are one of the simplest forms of renewable heating to install and maintain. The heat pump is a standalone unit and the cylinder is externally similar to a normal hot water cylinder. There are no ground works and the internal process is similar to a standard heating system upgrade.


The Eco Air Boiler through its specific engineering can be stood flush to an external wall to save space or can even be located indoors with ducting. The normal solution of placing the unit outdoors means that it can be located in any convenient location on your property. Specially insulated pipes can be used if the unit is to stand away from the property.

During the survey of your property Global Energy Systems will suggest the best location for the heat pump taking into account installation costs and minimising the impact on you and any neighbours.

The cylinders are often placed in the same airing cupboard as an existing cylinder. As they are normally pressurised they can be placed on any floor of a house, or indeed in a plant room. The best location will be identified during the survey.

New Installs and Retrofits

If an air source heat pump is specified during a building or renovation process the piping and wiring can be coordinated to reduce costs. The design of the heating system can be optimised for heat pumps and the layouts and locations pre-planned.

In a retrofit project Global Energy Systems will supply a schedule of radiators for each room ensuring that the highly efficient low flow temperatures the Eco Air Boiler used provide full heating for each room in the house. A 40/45°C, 5/4 Star rating on the MCS scale is usually recommended for radiators. This is more than adequate to hold a room at 21°C and offers excellent savings.

The Eco Air Boiler can be installed as a bivalent solution in tandem with an existing conventional boiler. In this arrangement, Global Energy Systems’ software will control when and if the boiler is used. The advantage of this system is that the conventional boiler can be used for resilience in extreme weather, whilst the air source heat pump provides the vast majority of the property’s heat on all but the coldest of days. As the heat pump and its software is the controlling the use of the conventional boiler this dual fuel, bivalent set up is available for MCS accreditation.

Estimated Installation Timeframe

Installation of a heat pump can be done in a day, but 2-3 days should be allowed if there is integration into an existing heating system.

All air source heat pumps are subject to planning permission. Proof of compliance with planning is required for an MCS accreditation.

Ducted Air

The Eco Air Boiler range has been engineered to allow ducted air to be used. This allows the heat pump to be installed inside. This can be in a vented space where a single duct expels the cold exhaust air or in a closed space where the fresh air is ducted in as well.

Swimming pools in particular offer the opportunity to duct air from the pool room, thus recycling lost heat, capturing solar gain and offering passive dehumidification. In these situations a heat pump can provide all the heat needed for a domestic pool for year round running.

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