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We worked with this customer in Buckinghamshire during their cottage renovations to replace their costly oil boiler; the owner wanted to future proof the property against the rising costs of energy bills.

Global Energy Systems installed one of our Caernarfon units to cover their full hot water and heating demand via radiators, eradicating their fossil fuel completely. This installation was eligible for the current government grant ‘The Boiler Upgrade Scheme’ (BUS) of £5000 towards the capital cost along with a fuel saving of around £1000 per annum.

Converted Chapel

Whilst converting a chapel building into a home the owners looked at alternative heating solutions.

We supplied an 18kw Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump to provide heat to radiators and all the domestic hot water demand. The predicted savings for this installation is £1,713 annually which include the RHI (Government grant) payments.

New Build Development

Whilst developing 12 luxury new build homes, the developer wanted to offer the potential clients a renewable energy heating system which would be more cost efficient long term and environmentally friendly. Each of the large houses has 1x Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump installed which provides heat to Under floor heating and provides all the domestic hot water needs. Running costs are estimated to be much lower than alternatives such as Oil. We are working closely with the developer and are on hand to assist with the running of the systems thanks to the unique Eco Watch service we offer which enables us to login to each unit live, and control the system should it be needed

Farm House Renovation

Whilst renovating an old farm building into a house in an off the gas grid location, the owner sought out alternative heating options./p>

Global Energy Systems supplied an 18 Kw Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump to provide full heating and hot water. Estimated savings annually are £1,881 against oil which include payments from the government grant scheme (Renewable Heat Incentive) that this installation is accredited to.

Manor Barn

The owner of this large Barn conversion was heating the whole property from an oil boiler, Conscious of the rising oil prices he decided to seek an alternative. Global Energy Systems supplied and installed a 15kwh Air Source Heat Pump to work along side the original oil boiler, providing heat to radiators, underfloor heating and all the hot water demand. The properties annual running cost savings against the previous system are £2,550 This includes the government grant (RHI) which this installation is accredited to

Renovated Property with Underfloor Heating

This 190 m² property has a full under floor heating system both up and down stairs so the property can run on low flow temperatures offering excellent savings. Even with temperatures as low as -10°C in 2016 the property was warm. In these extreme conditions the heat pump used its built in booster heater to ensure warmth throughout the entire property. Low loss underground pipes were used to transfer the heat efficiently into the building. The owners are amazed with their savings having moved from a house with oil as the primary heating source.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool located in Lytham. The pool and under floor heating are heated by a 9kW Global Energy Systems Air Source Heat Pump. Annual savings Vs oil are £902 giving the owners peace of mind from rising oil costs.

Retro fit house

Whilst retro fitting this rural detached property the owners decided to switch from their expensive oil boiler and opted to install renewable energy as they lived in an area off the gas grid. We installed one of our 18kW Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pumps and the owners have benefitted from lower running costs and hot water and heating on demand without the need for any other heating source.

Self Build Cottage

This beautiful self build cottage chose Global Energy Systems to provide full heating via under floor heating & radiators throughout the property along side all their domestic hot water needs. Estimated annual savings against oil are £1,110 and the homeowners were also eligible for the government grant scheme at the time (RHI) which will be paid on the EPC demand of the property.

Scottish Country House With Heat Pump And Oil

This large, Scottish, country house was spending £8,000 a year on oil. The owner wanted to both reduce their bill and remove their exposure to the price of oil rising in the future, a particular risk in rural areas where winter prices often spike.

The heating system has been designed to use a 45kW unit. The oil boiler has also been retained and integrated in to the system to offer additional output in extreme weather. This has created a bivalent heating system managed by Global Energy Systems’ own software

Architectural New Build With Air Source Heat Pump

Built to exacting architectural standards this large, stylish property’s owners wanted to avoid exposure to the potential costs of oil fired central heating.

The house uses a combination of under floor heating and radiators and a 23kW Global Energy Systems Air Source Heat Pump provides central heating and hot water. Annual bills have been £2,552 representing estimated savings of £2,300 against oil. The new owners have commented that they are very happy with the system and are far more relaxed in their new home knowing that they are protected from potential rises in the costs of oil.

Refurbishment of 1895 Property

Whilst renovating this property the owner was interested in renewable energy and enquired with Global Energy Systems, although already on mains gas.

He was keen to reduce his carbon footprint and is also looking at adding solar panels at a later date, meaning that once this has been added the free energy from the solar panels will be used to run the Air Source Heat Pump. Installed is a 10kW Thurso heat pump with estimated annual savings of £1,647.

Blenheim Cottages

Whilst renovating two cottages, the owners wanted to take advantage of a renewable heating system, giving them cheaper running costs.

Both properties are heated individually by one of our 10kW Thurso air source heat pumps. Estimated savings against previous running costs are £1,732 per year per cottage.

The Old Dairy Barn Conversion

This property is a self build project where the owner was looking for a way to keep his heating and hot water costs at a minimum. With a wide range of options available for heating the property, a Global Energy Systems 18kW Caernarfon air source heat pump was installed. This standalone unit provides all the heating and hot water requirements of the building while keeping running costs low.

Heat Pump on House with Full Under Floor Heating

This 185m² new build does not have mains gas available and would have had to install an oil or LPG system. In choosing a heat pump they have removed their exposure to the rising price of oil.

With a full underfloor heating system both up and down stairs the property can run on low flow temperatures offering excellent savings. The heat pump is controlled by the UFH system and the Global Energy Systems software ensures the most efficient running. Even with temperatures as low as -13°C the property was warm. In these extreme conditions the heat pump used its built-in booster heater when needed.

Rural New Build with Air Source Heat Pump

This new build property has been completed to Sustainable Homes Code 3 level to meet the planning requirements at the time. The inclusion of an air source heat pump to provide the heating and hot water was a crucial part of that accreditation.

The house uses underfloor heating, offering some of the best running costs from an Eco Air Boiler. Once inhabited we predict that the house will have an annualised running cost of just £1,680 a potential saving of over £1,300 compared to oil.

The developer commented “Being able to offer my customers such low heating bills compared to the costs of oil is a real bonus.”

Barn Conversion Derbyshire

When this property’s oil boiler broke down, the owners looked at an alternative heating system which would be low maintenance and reduce running costs.

Global Energy Systems installed an 18kW Caernarfon Air Source Heat pump to provide all the property’s heating and hot water.

Lancashire Manor Bi-Valent System

This Lancashire manor was originally heated by a standalone oil boiler with its hot water demands met by a separate immersion heater within the tank. With its recent renovation and a growing family, demand for heating and hot water was resulting in extremely high running costs in excess of £4,000 a year! With the growing demand for heat, varied fluctuations in oil price and mainly the overall high running costs the owner decided it was time to look at alternatives.

This Bi-Valent system allows the air source heat pump to offset the oil usage of the heating system and deem the separate immersion heater, for hot water, redundant. The air source heat pump covers all the heating and hot water demands of the property down to -3.2°C outside air temperature. Colder periods, in times of extreme weather, the original oil boiler offers additional input if it is required. This balance, ensuring ultimate optimization all year round, is fully controlled by Global Energy Systems own software.

Listed Grade II Country House

The owner of this large grade II country house was recommended Global Energy Systems by a friend after discussing high running costs using purely oil.

After visiting and sizing the property to MCS standards, 3x Caernarfon Air source heat pumps were installed alongside the original oil boiler. Estimated annual savings for this installation are £7,139 including payments from the non-domestic RHI which will receive payments for the next 20 years.

Chapel Conversion

Whilst renovating and adding an extension onto a converted chapel, the owners looked into renewable energy and explored the options of air source heat pumps.

Global Energy Systems sized an 18kW Caernarfon air source heat pump to provide the heating and hot water demand for the entire property. The estimated savings against oil running costs is £2,286 per year which includes the domestic renewable heat incentive which this installation was eligible for.

Detached 5 Bedroom Property

The homeowners of this property already had an Air Source heat pump installed by a different manufacturer; however they felt it was not suitable to their home and had ongoing issues with the controls. After being recommended Global Energy Systems by one of our existing customers, we visited the property to assess if we could improve their heating system.

We replaced their old heat pump with an 18kW Caernarfon air source heat pump, alongside the existing gas boiler. The heat is emitted via underfloor heating and full domestic hot water is supplied by the air source heat pump. Since installation the customer has been accepted onto the domestic renewable heat incentive and has been happy with the difference compared to the previous system. Estimated savings costs per year against previous running costs £2,363.

River House

The owner of this scenic house overlooking a river had an undersized ground source heat pump installed by another company, which was not sufficiently heating the property.

Global Energy Systems visited and determined we could heat the property with an 18kW Caernarfon air source heat pump to provide full heat to under floor heating, radiators and domestic Hot Water. Predicted savings per year against previous running costs are £2,134 which includes the domestic RHI payments. Since installation in August 2018, the homeowner has seen a massive improvement against their previous ground source heat pump and has been accredited onto the renewable heat incentive for 7 years.