Air source heat pump running cost - Savings

Domestic Savings from Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps can offer cost savings against most forms of heating in both domestic and commercial settings. When combined with the Government’s ‘BUS’ grant, returns can be well in excess of bank savings rates.

An Eco Air Boiler can potentially substantially reduce cut your heating bills. In the most favourable conditions this could offer a payback of as little as 3 years on a new build against an alternative heating system. As an MCS accredited installer Global Energy Systems will provide a tailored savings estimate for you property. This estimate will lay out the potential savings based on the location of your property, your alternative fuel type and energy prices at the time. These savings estimates will be compliant with MCS guidelines and the RECC scheme.

Our case studies provide an idea of the savings that some of our customers are enjoying. The running costs are taken from their Eco Link energy portal which shows the running of the heat pump over the year. How you use your heating and how you design your heating system will have a major effect on your savings. Global Energy Systems will help you to programme and manage your heating with your new air source heat pump. We can also arrange for a Green Deal Assessment to identify any qualifying measures of insulation that you may wish to consider.