Cartford Lodges

  • 2 x Luxury Accommodation Lodges
  • 1x 9kW Air Source Heat Pump
  • Providing full heating and hot water to both lodges
  • Estimated Annual savings of £1,223
  • Receiving 20 years RHI Payments (government grant)

Longbarn Lavender Garden Centre Cafe

  • Garden Centre, Cafe and Gift Shop
  • 1 x Caernarfon
  • Provides heat via under floor heating to inside Garden Centre and Gift Shop
  • Annual savings of £2,226.00

King George Hotel

  • Traditional Lake District Inn
  • Heating the Public House and accommodation rooms
  • RHI Accredited
  • Annual savings of £4,924.00

Amersham Hockey Club

  • Recently Refurbished Hockey Club
  • 3x Caernarfon’s
  • Provides Heating & Hot water
  • Predicted annual savings of £3,686

Barn Conversion with Heat Pump & PV

Key Features

  • Barn Conversion – Carbon Neutral
  • Trough of Bowland
  • Barn conversion with PV installation
  • 1 x 15kW Air Source Heat Pump
  • Annualised cost Estimate: £0
  • Savings estimate v’s oil: £2500

When converting this off grid barn into a holiday let, the owner wanted a carbon and cost neutral heating system. By combining a Stirling Eco Air Boiler with 20 solar PV panels the property is able to generate enough electricity to off set the heating on most days of the year. Our estimate for the running costs of the property were to have been heated with oil would be over £2500.
This combination, and heat and power system offers the ultimate in costs and emissions savings

Luxury Holiday Let With Hot Tub

Key Features

  • New build luxury holiday let
  • Hot tub with dedicated heat pump
  • 1 x 15kW Air Source Heat Pump
  • 1 x 9kW Air Source Heat Pump
  • Estimated 2014 running costs £1300 combined

The costs of extending a gas supply to this new build luxury holiday let prompted the owners to look for an alternative solution. Turning to Global Energy Systems and local supplier they were able to reduce their carbon footprint and install a highly efficient system.

The house has a 15 kW Eco Air Boiler running the heating and hot water, with radiators as the central heating system. In 2014 this cost £924 to run, offering a very similar running cost to mains gas but offering a saving of 10-15% on carbon emissions but avoiding the expense of running gas main.

The hot tub is run by a 9 kW London Eco Air Boiler that provided a full water refill on each guest changeover and 365 running for £404 in 2014, again similar to gas, but with a potential saving of over 3 tonnes of carbon.

This has allowed a simple, efficient and single energy source system for the property.

Acresfield Complex and Pool

Key Features

  • Leisure centre with pool
  • Space heating for changing restaurants and hall.
  • 2 Heat pumps with gas bivalent boilers
  • Large roof mounted PV array

In building this leisure centre the owners were keen to have as sustainable an energy requirement as possible. To this end, air source heat pumps have been installed in tandem with gas boilers and roof mounted PV panels. This combination allows the mixed demands of pool and space heating and shower water to be managed across the year.

The PV panels offer a distinct income and offer large savings when they generate in tandem with the heat pumps running. The gas boilers allow high temperature water on short notice and resilience in extreme weather.

2 heat pumps are used, with the gas plumbed in after their flows and controlled by the heat pumps’ performance.

Talacre Beach Swimming Pool

Key Features

  • Holiday Home Park
  • 2x Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Bivalent, integrated oil back up
  • Non-Domestic RHI eligible
  • Indoor tropically heated swimming pool

The owners of the holiday home park were interested in reducing the amount spent on oil to heat the large swimming pool.
After a site survey Global Energy Systems predicted that alongside an oil boiler 2x Caernarfon heat pumps would largely reduce oil costs to heat the swimming pool all year round. As well as being accredited onto the Non-domestic RHI scheme the holiday home is benefiting from extra savings Predicted savings of £10,207 with a 2.9 year payback

Ribby Hall Village

Key Features

  • Provides heat to badminton hall via Fan convectors
  • Underfloor Heating for additional studios
  • 1x Air Source Heat Pump
  • Bi-Valent system with gas boiler
  • Non-Domestic RHI Accredited

Having already installed Global Energy Systems Air Source Heat Pumps on their accommodation properties, it was an easy decision for Ribby Hall Holiday Village when it came to installing a new heating system on their renovated sports hall.
Global Energy Systems sized and specified for 1x Air Source heat pump to provide the heat via fan convectors and under floor heating

This has kept the hall at a satisfactory temperature over the winter months and is also accredited on the non-domestic RHI to receive payments for the next 20 years

Embleys Nurseries Cafe

Global Energy Systems replaced a faulty Air Source Heat Pump by another manufacturer which had ceased trading. With the owner left without support from the installers and manufacturers, he contacted Global Energy who supplied and fitted 1x Caernarfon Air source heat pump to provide heating to the cafe and hot water to the kitchen. Since installation the owner has peace of mind that we are a phone call away should he have any queries, he has also been accepted onto the RHI incentive which will receive payments for the next 20 years.

Recreational Accommodation centre

Heating 2 x accommodation blocks on electric night storage heaters was proving expensive for this company who wanted to reduce their running costs They looked at Air Source Heat Pumps as an alternative, Global Energy Systems installed 4 x Caernarfon Air source heat pumps (2 for each block) to provide hot water and heat through radiators. The annual savings against previous costs are £7,428 which includes payments from the Non domestic RHI which this installation is accredited onto.