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We worked with this customer in Buckinghamshire during their cottage renovations to replace their costly oil boiler; the owner wanted to future proof the property against the rising costs of energy bills.

Global Energy Systems installed one of our Caernarfon units to cover their full hot water and heating demand via radiators, eradicating their fossil fuel completely. This installation was eligible for the current government grant ‘The Boiler Upgrade Scheme’ (BUS) of £5000 towards the capital cost along with a fuel saving of around £1000 per annum.

Newly built warehouse with built in offices now entirely heated by three 18kW Caernarfon air source heat pumps. The wet heating system consists of fan convectors in the roof space to heat the storage areas, while radiators keep the offices at temperature.

Opting for air source heat pumps over alternative fuels could result in an estimated £6,000 to be saved on heating alone. This, with the added benefit of the non – domestic RHI payments of £2,500 a year for 20 years, has provided this property estimated savings over £8,000 a year.

Global Energy Systems was awarded this air source heat pump contract by a world leading automotive test facility in the north of England. The contract was to supply and fit a brand new wet heating system using three 70kW commercial Lincoln air source heat pumps to heat the complete facility via air to water fan convectors. The total area heated is 61,569 Sq Ft. This project was initiated due to the property having an expensive heating system that was becoming redundant.

The client was looking to future proof on energy price rises and to meet the needs of being more environmentally friendly while paying attention to the fast approaching need to try and achieve their net zero targets. The commercial property now enjoys energy savings combined with the Estimated earnings of £13,464 per year from the Government RHI

Whilst converting a chapel building into a home the owners looked at alternative heating solutions.

We supplied an 18kw Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump to provide heat to radiators and all the domestic hot water demand. The predicted savings for this installation is £1,713 annually which include the RHI (Government grant) payments.

Whilst developing 12 luxury new build homes, the developer wanted to offer the potential clients a renewable energy heating system which would be more cost efficient long term and environmentally friendly. Each of the large houses has 1x Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump installed which provides heat to Under floor heating and provides all the domestic hot water needs. Running costs are estimated to be much lower than alternatives such as Oil. We are working closely with the developer and are on hand to assist with the running of the systems thanks to the unique Eco Watch service we offer which enables us to login to each unit live, and control the system should it be needed

Whilst renovating an old farm building into a house in an off the gas grid location, the owner sought out alternative heating options./p>

Global Energy Systems supplied an 18 Kw Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump to provide full heating and hot water. Estimated savings annually are £1,881 against oil which include payments from the government grant scheme (Renewable Heat Incentive) that this installation is accredited to.

The owner of this large Barn conversion was heating the whole property from an oil boiler, Conscious of the rising oil prices he decided to seek an alternative. Global Energy Systems supplied and installed a 15kwh Air Source Heat Pump to work along side the original oil boiler, providing heat to radiators, underfloor heating and all the hot water demand. The properties annual running cost savings against the previous system are £2,550 This includes the government grant (RHI) which this installation is accredited to

This 190 m² property has a full under floor heating system both up and down stairs so the property can run on low flow temperatures offering excellent savings. Even with temperatures as low as -10°C in 2016 the property was warm. In these extreme conditions the heat pump used its built in booster heater to ensure warmth throughout the entire property. Low loss underground pipes were used to transfer the heat efficiently into the building. The owners are amazed with their savings having moved from a house with oil as the primary heating source.

Indoor swimming pool located in Lytham. The pool and under floor heating are heated by a 9kW Global Energy Systems Air Source Heat Pump. Annual savings Vs oil are £902 giving the owners peace of mind from rising oil costs.

In building this leisure centre the owners were keen to have as sustainable an energy requirement as possible. To end this, air source heat pumps have been installed in tandem with gas boilers and roof mounted PV panels.

This combination allows the mixed demands of pool and space heating and shower water to be managed across the year.