Clarence High School - Global Energy Systems

Clarence High School

Facing the challenge of heating a very large Victorian school building, Clarence High School is now heated by a Cambridge 100kW air source heat pump. The school has a large existing radiator based heating system and a full upgrade was not a viable option, so a system that offered improved costs and emissions was needed that could cope with the status quo.

Global Energy Systems, working with the Clarence High School’s contractor, specified a Cambridge 100kW air source heat pump, installed with gas boilers as a bivalent heating solution. This allowed the air source heat pump to contribute to the heat load for the full heat season but offered the most effective capital plan. The air source runs whenever there is a heat demand from the buildings.

The bespoke software developed by Global Energy Systems senses when additional heat is required. The gas boilers are then automatically fired until the demand is met. In winter months the air source heat pump feeds the gas boilers with pre-heated water ensuring that efficiencies are maximised.