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Domestic hot water is increasingly important in modern buildings, as insulation standards go up the proportion of energy bills accounted for by hot water increases. Hot water can account for up to 30% of the heating bills in a home, even more in a new build property. Air source heat pumps can cut bills and carbon emissions through their renewable energy particularly if water is being heated by an immersion heater.

Global Energy Systems have developed a method to offer more hot water capacity and reduce running costs. This turbo boost normally allows the domestic hot water to reach 70°C whilst the central heating is running. Excess heat that cannot be used effectively for central heating is diverted to the domestic hot water cylinder, this acts as a turbo, boosting the performance of the system and reducing costs.

During the heating season the excess capacity that this temperature boost gives means that the Eco Air Boiler rarely has to switch to hot water mode, leaving no specific hot water bill.

In the summer months the Eco Air Boiler may only work in hot water mode, here the engineering solutions from Global Energy Systems mean that we can offer one of the best coefficients of performance for hot water on the market as listed on SAP App Q. Domestic hot water is usually held at just under 50°C and our cylinders are sized to meet the your domestic water needs at this temperature.

Immersion heaters are often used in the summer months for heating domestic hot water when conventional boilers are turned off. An air source heat pump producing domestic hot water can be three times more efficient offering significant savings.

Global Energy Systems offer a wide range of domestic hot water cylinders suitable for all homes. If you have unusual spaces for cylinders a bespoke size can be ordered. Cylinders are sized to offer sufficient hot water for the property and your usage based on water being held at under 50°C. When the turbo boost is running you will have excess capacity. On the London Eco Air Boiler we offer an integrated, dual cylinder with the domestic hot water and buffer cylinders in one unit. On the larger Stirling and Edinburgh air source heat pumps two cylinders are used.

Global Energy Systems Eco Stores are designed especially to work with the Eco Air Boiler. Super-efficient coils are used for heat transfer and cylinders are configured and monitored to maximise the performance of an air source heat pump. The Eco Store is usually run as a pressurised system removing the need for a cold water header tank. The Eco Store can work with power showers and most other domestic hot water uses.

During our property survey we will discuss your water needs and specify a suitable Eco Store.

Air source heat pumps usually hold domestic hot water at just under 50°C, this helps to maximise the running efficiency but offers plenty of hot water for the property. There are bacteria that can exist in domestic hot water and these need to be purged by heating the water to above 60°C on a regular basis. Global Energy Systems can offer several solutions to water purges including our built in software to sense water temperatures over several days and the automatic purging of the system if 60°C has not been met.

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