Coronavirus Statement - Global Energy Systems

During these difficult times Global Energy Systems are integrating Government advice into our work practices:

1: The health of all our staff is reviewed on a daily basis and all staff is aware of the need to isolate themselves from contact with the public.

2: Where work is taking place in unoccupied property practices are unaffected

3: where work is taking place on an occupied property the decision whether or not to continue will be made in conversation with the client. If work does progress a method to manage the relevant government advice will be agreed.

4: Emergency work: where emergency work is required to maintain heat and hot water, a method to undertake this while reducing any health risk will be agreed with the client.

5: Planning new or future work: We know many people still have plans to install new heating systems, or may need to understand more about renewables in order to reach a decision. Global Energy Systems are happy to undertake as much help/advice/planning as possible; either by phone/email or via meetings arranged in a manner which reduces health risks as far as possible