Lancashire Manor Bi-Valent System

Key Features

  • Newly renovated
  • 1x Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump
  • Bivalent system, integrated oil back up
  • over 60% Saving
  • Over £1,300 RHI Incentive payments
  • 2.5 Year pay back
  • RHI Payments for the next 7 years

This Lancashire manor was originally heated by a stand alone oil boiler with its hot water demands met by a separate immersion heater within the tank. With its recent renovation, along with, a growing family demand for heating and hot water was resulting in extremely high running costs in excess of £4,000 a year. With the growing demand for heat, varied fluctuations in oil price and mainly the overall high running costs the owner decided it was time to look at alternatives.

There is no access to mains gas at the property, and having worked with renewable technologies for a number of years, the owner knew that this was his only viable option to see large savings. Comparing products, install costs and savings between a number of different micro-generation technologies showed that integrating a Global Energy Systems Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump into the current heating system was the most economical choice, therefore creating bi-valent heating system.

This Bi-Valent system allows the air source heat pump to offset the oil usage of the heating system and deem the separate immersion heater, for hot water, redundant. The air source heat pump covers all the heating and hot water demands of the property down to -3.2°C outside air temperature. Colder periods, in times of extreme weather, the original oil boiler offers additional input if it is required. This balance, ensuring ultimate optimization all year round, is fully controlled by Global Energy Systems own software.

Installed in spring 2016, the owner has seen huge savings against his previous heating. Over 60%. The Air source heat pump alone has met all his families heating and hot water needs, not just offsetting his oil usage but removing the requirement for it at all.

Along with this Global Energy Systems air source heat pumps are MCS Accredited and viable for the government RHI scheme. Over the last year, with his initial savings over 60%, the owner has also received over £1,300 in payments. This has provided him with a 2.5 year payback on the purchase of the air source heat pump and an overall savings in excess of £4,000 a year. The RHI incentive will run now on this property for 7 years leading to a total payment just short of £10,000.