Heat Pump on House with Full Under Floor Heating

Key Features

  • 185 sq m new build
  • UFH throughout
  • 1 x 9 kW London Air Source Heat Pump
  • Running costs estimate £824
  • Savings estimate v’s oil £1071

This 180sq m new build does not have mains gas available, and would have had to install an oil or LPG system. In choosing a heat pump they have removed their exposure to the rising price of oil.

With a full under floor heating system both up and down stairs the property can run on low flow temperatures offering excellent savings. The heat pump is controlled by the UFH system and the Global Energy Systems software ensures the most efficient running. Even with temperatures as low at -13deg C the property was warm. In these extreme conditions the heat pump used its built in booster heater when needed, these costs are included in the £824.

The heat pump has been stood away from the house wall to allow access and low loss underground pipes were used to transfer the heat efficiently into the building.

Having moved from a house with oil as the main fuel the owners have been amazed at the running costs.