Fish Farm with Air Source Heat Pump

Key Features

  • Fish Farm with air source heat pump
  • 1 x 15 kW Eco Air Boiler
  • Innovative use of geodesic domes
  • Growing shrimp and aquaponics
  • Trial installation for future projects

This innovative fish farming project wanted a sustainable and easily installed heating solution. The four tanks are each enclosed in a geodisic dome and a mixture of shrimp and aquaponics are supported.

The 15kW Eco Air Boiler has already been tested down to -4°C and the trial will allow estimates for the annual running costs to be determined.

The use of an air source heat pump means that electricity is the sole power requirement for the project, avoiding expensive connection charges or the high running costs of oil or LPG. The farm has a strong sustainability focus and the carbon savings, against any fossil fuel are welcomed.