Dairy Farm Pre-Heat with Heat Pump

Key Features

  • Water pre-heat for dairy farm
  • Wash down water through heat pump
  • Project to cut water heating bills
  • Potential savings of 30-50%

Costs for water heating on a dairy farm can easily exceed £5000 a year. The standard approach of using a large immersion heater when compared to a heat pump is highly inefficient. An air source heat pump can generate 3-4 times the heat energy for every unit of electricity used offering significant savings.

For hot washes, where water temperatures of 90C are needed, the heat pump is used as a pre-heater before being boosted to 90C for use by either an existing system such as a Cotswold dairy heater or Springfield dairy heater.

Where the farm house is close to the dairy there is the possibility to use Global energy systems’ unique ability to produce hot water simultaneously with heating at no additional cost. In this case the hot water for the house would be boosted whenever the heat pump was warming water for the dairy, offering further savings for the farmer.

Global Energy Systems now work with key building and heating suppliers for agriculture to provide sustainable, affordable heat. Large scale installations with multiple heat pumps offer a simple to install, electrical based system that can be combined with solar PV installations for further savings across many heat needs.

Heating control strategy

Over the last few years Global Energy Systems have worked closely with agricultural farmers looking to reduce the high running costs on their space heating demands. By installing Global Energy Systems air source heat pumps customers have already seen huge Reductions in their heating bills as well as the added benefits from the government’s RHI incentive (Installs receiving in excess of £4,500 per year for 20 years – please see RHI for more information).

We have now designed a GES Heating Control Strategy for specific applications. This development has already seen further savings in excess of 70% when installed on Global Energy Systems air source heat pump installations. The GES Heating Control Strategy accurately controls the desired level of heat required to certain areas of an agricultural building. This automated programmer, with the use of projected heat curves, requires no adjustment once the livestock cycle has been set; it successfully controls the heating patterns of livestock from day one to the end of their cycles. For information about the GES Heating Control Strategy or Air Source Heat Pump installations in general please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to talk to you in more detail about our projects.

GES Heating Control was installed on a 48 crate weaning shed. Over 3 separate cycles the heat usage was compared between the GES heating control Strategy systems and the previous heating control. Huge Savings seen by the GES Heating Control strategy. Over the three cycles an average of £298 was saved. Figures show annual savings of £3,580. This is based on 12 cycles per year. For more information on how much money this heating solution could save you and your business please feel free to get in touch.