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Dairy Farm Pre-Heat with Heat Pump

Costs for water heating on a dairy farm can easily exceed £5,000 a year. The standard approach of using a large immersion heater when compared to a heat pump is highly inefficient. An air source heat pump can generate 3-4 times the heat energy for every unit of electricity used offering significant savings.

For hot washes, where water temperatures of 90°C are needed, the heat pump is used as a pre-heater before being boosted to 90°C for use by either an existing system such as a Cotswold dairy heater or Springfield dairy heater.

Where the farmhouse is close to the dairy there is the possibility to use Global Energy Systems’ unique ability to produce hot water simultaneously with heating at no additional cost. In this case the hot water for the house would be boosted whenever the heat pump was warming water for the dairy, offering further savings for the farmer.