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What are the benefits of using an air source heat pump?

Households will be offered subsidies of £5,000 by the Government, from April 2022, in order to help customers, make the switch from gas boilers to air-source heat pumps, according to news released this week.

The initiative is aimed towards boosting demand for air source heat pumps, as part of a commitment towards incentivising consumers to opt for eco-friendly energy over traditional gas boilers.

The government has said it wants no new gas boilers to be sold after 2035, in order to help reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Heat pumps extract warmth from the air, the ground or water – like a fridge operating in reverse. Heat Pumps are powered by electricity, so if you have a low-carbon source of electricity, they provide greener heating.

Global Energy Systems has been at the forefront of design and manufacturing of air source heat pumps for many years, cutting heating bills by up to 65%, and making your energy greener in the process.

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  1. Low Carbon Footprint
  2. Save Money on Energy Bills
  3. Eligible for Government grants
  4. Suitable for residential and commercial use
  5. Can be used for Space Heating and Hot Water
  6. High Seasonal Coefficient of Performance up to 400% efficient
  7. No fuel deliveries
  8. Easy Installation Process
  9. Low Maintenance
  10. Long Lifespan

British Design & Manufacturer of Air Source Heat Pumps – Global Energy Systems

Specialists in renewable energy technology through high performance air source heat pumps. Our British designed and built Eco Air Boilers provide central heating
and hot water which can reduce carbon emissions by up to 60% and heating bills by up to 65%.

Did you catch us on the BBC News?

As part of a piece on climate change, Global Energy Systems recently featured on the 6 o’clock news last week to promote the use of renewable energy.

The UN’s latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report showcases rising global temperatures and the need to find innovative ways to cut carbon emissions.

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Case Study – Gainsborough Parc

Global Energy Systems recently supplied a 75kW commercial Lincoln air source heat pump to this renovated manor house in the North of Wales.

Now converted into six apartments, the property uses the air source heat pump to provide the heating and hot water.

Continuing Professional Development Courses

We are now offering the following CPD courses:

The Future of Heating
  • This module looks at the drivers for a low carbon economy, legislation and where we use our energy.
Net Zero
  • This module explores the government’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050.
  • As heating contributes almost 40% of all carbon emissions in the UK, we look at legislation for heating and what this means for the heating industry

Please get in touch for more information.

Installer Training

Join an upcoming installer training day:

  • Friday the 27th of August –
    Warton, Lancashire
  • Friday the 24th of September –
    M-Press Fittings, Huddersfield
  • Friday the 29th of October-
    Walsall Training Centre, West
  • Friday the 24th of November-
    Walsall Training Centre, West

It will cover how ASHPs are installed, how we manufacture them and how they can benefit you and your clients.

If you would like to learn more and book onto the training day, please contact Adam Simpson on or 07809 724626.

Meet Adam – Our Trade Business Development Manager

“I am delighted to have started a new career with Global Energy Systems after spending 15 years in the motor trade. Seeing how my previous industry was changing can be directly related to the heating industry as we all move towards reducing our carbon footprints over the coming decade.

I am here to grow and maintain our relationship with trusted installers across the UK who we will be working closely with as the industry changes and gathers pace.

It is great to have started a career with a company that has an ethical approach to everything they do and I look forward to adding to their already sterling reputation over the coming years!”

Recent Installation Feedback

“Two weeks on from completion, I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the installation so far. Luke, Lee and the team from Ipsum Renewables did an excellent job in less than three days. They were efficient, clean and thoughtful throughout, and were all easy to get on with.”

“We of course still need to experience the central heating function, but have no anxieties that when colder weather arrives, it will perform as well as predicted. Equally, should we experience any difficulties in the future, we feel entirely confident of a prompt and efficient response from your service department.

All-in-all, we are more than satisfied with every aspect of our dealings with Global Energy, and would unhesitatingly recommend you to others.”

Competition Winner

Mr Robinson in Hertfordshire has won our ASHP photo competition and will be given a £50 Love2Shop voucher.

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Installer Training

Join our next installer training day on Friday the 30th of July in Warton, Lancashire.

It will cover how ASHPs are installed, how we manufacture them and how they can benefit you and your clients.

If you would like to learn more and book onto the training day, please get in touch.