Luxury Apartments with Air Source Heat Pumps

Key Features

  • New Build Development
  • 3 x 140 sqm luxury apartments
  • 3 x 9kw Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Built to Code 3 standards
  • Annualised bill per apartment £444.76

Each of these luxury apartments has its’ own dedicated 9kW Eco Air Boiler heat pump offering the developer Code 3 status for the properties and a sustainable heating source.

Under floor heating is used throughout and the specification was coordinated with the builder to allow a simple installation of the systems.

Air source heat pumps provided a perfect solution to an urban location with little spare land. The heat pumps are located to the side of the property allowing easy access. Providing all the central heating and domestic hot water they have run down to -7C
The developer has now used Global Energy Systems air source heat pumps on two sites commenting:

”The service that I have had from Global Energy Systems has been great and having over 2 years of use now the bills are excellent!”