“3 Winters, A very large old house and nothing to complain about

Have had the system for over 2 years and it has surpassed our expectations magnificently.
It’s a Victorian house with no underfloor heating, but this hasn’t proved to be a problem.
Running costs are cheaper than expected.
Because temperature in radiators is lower than oil/gas, it takes a bit longer to get up to your requirements, but that’s not a problem – get it to come on earlier!
Global Energy is a superb company to deal with, and they been very quick, friendly and efficient at dealing with the couple of minor teething problems at the beginning.
I’ve been trying to spread the word about Air Source Heat Pumps and Global Energy ever since it’s been up and running” – David P

“I had a previous experience with Global Energy Systems which is what made me choose them to install my air source heat pump. I found their customer service, value for money and explanation of how to get the best from my technology very good and so far, the system is living up to my expectations.” – Anonymous

“To start with, I liked the system that they had and went on from their really. The installation went fine and i’m really happy with it. The engineer couldn’t have been any better, he definitely knew what he was talking about, what he was doing, the best way to install it and how I can get the best from my system. He explained that the Caernarfon would have the best compatibility for the position and size of the house. I’ve only had it 6 weeks but so far it seems okay. What i like is that Global Energy Systems are just at the end of the phone which is great, they are very helpful.” – LB

“I chose Global Energy Systems after looking at their web site. Their customer service was all very professional and they explained my options to me and how to get the best out of my product very well. Only time will tell if the system lives up to expectations” – Paul A.

“I found out about Global Energy Systems through word of mouth, as a neighbour had gone with them previously. The two guys who fitted it were very diligent, easy to talk to, stuck to their tasks and got on with it. They certainly had a can-do attitude which I was very pleased with overall. There’s been a lot of technical stuff to take on board but so far they’ve explained it well and in simple way.   They provided me with a helpline number to monitor performance of heat pump remotely. This seems helpful and so far I’ve had no problems.” – Anonymous24

“I first came across Global Energy at a local renovation exhibition. You could tell that they came across as really organised and knew what they were talking about, which made them stand out from anybody else we’d talked to.Overall very very good, cant be more clear really – they were excellent. The guy who came out came across as very capable from first meeting (talked about project with knowledge), manufactured in UK, same people throughout the whole installation process meaning there was continuity and good communication. They’re a small enough installer to deliver service without hiccups.  They spent a good amount of time showing how to use it and then gave me a phone helpline number, meaning I feel well supported.” – P Jones

“Global Energy were recommended by my architect. I was immediately pleased with them. They did the job properly and I found them great to have around. It is too early to tell whether the system is living up to expectations, but the heat pump is connected via my router to Global Energy’s offices, meaning it is monitored and they can quickly respond to any issues, should they occur.” – Anonymous

“Global Energy stood out for me due to the design of their pumps. My pump is green, which looks great on the farm, and it is also designed in the UK for UK climate. It provides not only hot water but also underfloor heating, no need for a boiler inside – making it a space saver. The installer was very good and they all know what they are talking about. Afterwards they continue to look after the system and keep an eye on it from their office to check it’s all working properly” – Mark Weil

 “I chose Global Energy Systems to install my ASHP because they were efficient, British and I had confidence in the representative who quoted on the installation. Their customer service was excellent and the representative visited us and discussed the options available to us in full. Although our product is at the expensive end of what is available, this was made clear to us and we looked at cheaper models prior to making the decision. So far our ASHP is surpassing expectations, providing us with endless hot water and reliable heat – even in freezing temperatures!” – Tanya Williams

“I chose Global Energy after researching them online as well as the model of heat pump that I wanted. The service I experienced was first class and the installer was excellent in explaining what was available to me. So far the heat pump is definitely meeting my expectations and is turning out to be excellent value for money” – Mark Addison

“Global Energy seemed to me to be the obvious choice after getting a decent quote and looking at their online reviews. They provided me with detailed advice throughout the process and made me feel at ease during and after the installation of the heat pump. So far it is proving to be excellent value for money and is certainly living up to what I expected.” – Anonymous38

“I chose Global Energy Systems after having them recommended to me, and I’m certainly glad I did! Their customer service has been excellent so far, and I believe it’s working out well cost-wise. I would recommend them to anyone!” – Anonymous39

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